Grandstream UCM 6104 IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM6104 Dubai IP PBX phone system below the IP PBX category which includes contemporary sophisticated telecommunication features. The Grandstream UCM6104 is effectively appropriate to the Little and medium organizations Safety protection features and due to all these user-friendly features and function this IP PBX system is contemplate very best for all enterprise.

Grandstream UCM6104 IP PBX Systems Dubai

Grandstream UCM6104 Dubai is an authorized reseller of Grandstream in Dubai. If you reside in any region of UAE like Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah, Al Ain or Umm Al Quwain, then you can effortlessly get your preferred Grandstream solution by discovering your nearest Grandstream Dubai shop. The UCM series IP PBX of Grandstream gives the consumers an in depth set of unified communication features that are effortlessly manageable.  The UCM 6104 pbx system  is developed particularly for the medium and tiny organizations and it has a complete help for about 500 customers and the UCM 6104 suits completely effectively to the medium and tiny enterprises.

Grandstream UCM 6104- A easy communication channel

Grandstream UCM 6104 Dubai is powered by a higher high quality and sophisticated hardware platform along with revolutionary applications and features. UCM 6104 gives you a easy and actually handy communication solution for combined information, safety surveillance, fax, mobility applications and HD voice high quality and all this is offered to you without having any recurring expense or added costs. Grandstream UCM 6104 IP PBX telephone offers you with a higher overall performance and market major features at a extremely cost-effective expense. The setup and installation process is extremely straightforward and can be completed with the assist of internet browser user interface. UCM6104 also offers you with zero configuration provisioning and it make very straightforward to configure Grandstream IP Phones. UCM 6104 is a trustworthy IP PBX telephone and delivers tiny and medium sized organizations with higher-level features and applications with unprecedented reliability. UCM 6104 is a full package telephone system that is obtainable to you in a extremely cost-effective and affordable cost.


UCM6104 Solution Video

Crucial Features

The salient features of Grandstream UCM 6104 IP PBX phone system permit a enterprise to accomplish their communication objectives.See  what are these features beneath.

The salient features of Grandstream UCM 6104 IP PBX are pointed out beneath:

  • Grandstream UCM 6104 has a processor of 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 with a huge memory i.e. 512 MB DDR RAM, and it also incorporates a 4GB NAND Flash.
  • To supply the consumers with sophisticated voice processing, it also has committed multi-core DSP array that is capable of supplying higher
  • There are 4 constructed-in PSTN trunk FXO ports and two FXS analog phone ports that, in case of an outage of energy supply you with a lifeline capability. It also features virtually 50 SIP trunk accounts.
  • Grandstream UCM 6104 incorporates constructed-in Energy more than Ethernet supply, USB, and an SD card.
  • Grandstream UCM 6104 has a help for 500 endpoint registrations of SIP protocol. It can deal with 60 calls at a time. In addition, there can be up to 32 attendees of the conference through UCM 6104.
  • Grandstream UCM 6104 offers you with a extremely versatile dial strategy. It also offers you with specific fascinating features like web site peering, contact routing, contact recording and a constructed- in NTP server. For the endpoints, there is a central handle panel and a constructed- in LDAP make contact with directory.
  • For straightforward deployment of Grandstream UCM 6104, it incorporates other endpoints, SIP cameras, video phones, an automatic provisioning and detection of IP phones, gateways, and ATAs.
  • With Grandstream UCM 6104, you can have the very best achievable safety protection through TLS, HTTPS with an accelerator for hardware encryption and SRTP.
  • You can have several contact queues that are configurable, the calls can be distributed automatically since of the automatic contact distribution function that can be handled by any agent.

Grandstream PBX System

The communication system of your enterprise acts as the backbone of your organization. If you are not getting a proper PBX system in your organization, then your internal communication will be badly impacted. If you want to make certain that the incoming and outgoing calls in your enterprise are reaching the appropriate individual, then you have to make certain a higher-high quality communication channel for your organization. Grandstream Dubai will certainly supply the phone system that your enterprise required and equipped with the sophisticated and up to date technical features.

It is extremely important that you pick a higher high quality and skilled Telecom organization for setting up your PABX system in Dubai. We are certainly the pro in this matter. With our encounter and knowledge, we have served hundreds of consumers in UAE. Hence, our overall performance assures our caliber and high quality. We are not restricted to Dubai, you will also discover our options in numerous significant cities of U.A.E.

Grandstream PBX Features Dubai UAE