Functions and Overview of Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX

The Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX is a user-friendly phone system developed with numerous enterprise-grade features. It is similarly great for tiny and medium enterprise organizations. It has an sophisticated hardware platform with a turnkey solution for higher-top quality audio and video calls, the safety of information and simple configuration.

The Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX gives zero configurations and secure internet-browsing. There is no want to be concerned about the additional price since you will use it with out licensing charge and price per every function. The series is secure and constant with an auto-discovery function of VoIP endpoints. Zero-configuration chucks are also accessible with this enterprise-grade device. It is a affordable solution of your communication system.

Highlighted Features of UCM6102 Dubai

The Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX is an outstanding device with lots of thrilling features. For your assist, followings are some highlights of UCM6102 IP Dubai:

  • The UCM6102 is a full-featured IP-PBX appliance for each tiny and medium sized enterprise organizations.
  • The device features Gigabit ports, user-friendly and versatile dial plans, contact routing facilities, web site peering, contact recording, and much more
  • There is no want to spend any licensing charges since all features will be accessible for your use with out paying any further charge.
  • The customers can get the benefit of simple setup and management. The 6100 series if well-known for its easy internet interface.
  • Do not be concerned about the top quality of voice since you can get the help for all main voice codecs and the IAX protocol.
  • The video monitoring features are accessible with higher-top quality video calls, monitor IP scrutiny cameras, and help for all primary video codecs
  • The customers of the Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX can access LDAP phonebooks, contact detail records. In the presence of phonebook, there is no want to be concerned about your crucial calling numbers and Ids.
  • Further features consist of voicemail to e mail, system backup, and fax capability.
  • It is simple to move from 1 spot to an additional since of compatible softphone applications, rake several workplace areas, and monitor your enterprise from anyplace.
  • It is now really simple to access the crucial enterprise files and other information from anyplace. You can handle UCM6100 remotely since of its special features.
  • The use of this device is incredibly safe and trustworthy since all safety features are accessible, such as 802.1x, HTTPS, TLS and SRTP encryption, as effectively as K.21 surge protection. It gives a two-year warranty to provide maximum worth of your investment.

The system can use with Grandstream ip phones as effectively as other well-known sip ip phones from well-known brands like Cisco,Polycom, Snom, Dlink , Yealink &amp RTX. Grandstream UCM6102 use  Internet protocols and transmit your calls.Also you have the benefit to use the analog phones when employed with Grandstream Gateway.It is a trustworthy telephone system that enables you to deal with different tasks and provide higher-top quality solutions at an cost-effective price.


User-friendly Configuration

The complete configuration of this phone system can be completed threw internet portal.

Initial set up of the Grandstream UCM6102 Dubai is easy since you can just plug-N-play the setup. With the assist of this  PBX System , you can get the advantages of 500 extensions and make 30 simultaneous calls. Get the benefit of  three conference bridges and 25 simultaneous PSTN or IP participants. The help of T.30/T.38 fax and fax pass-thru is accessible. It is a great and functional device for enterprise communications.

Grandstream PBX Features Dubai UAE

Issues can not be Challenging Any longer

With the assist of  advance features supported by grandstream pbx, you can effortlessly customize the this phone system as your enterprise wanted. You can get the benefit of auto provisioning and set it to your phones with out any hassle. It is compatible to your Cisco, Snom, Yealink, Astra, Polycom. and Grandstream IP Phones. If you are not pleased with your existing communications system, it will be a much better option to pick  Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX.

UCM6102 Solution Video

Function as a Base of VoIP System

The Grandstream UCM6102 IP PBX functions as a base of VoIP system since it can deal with IP phones, video phones, and gateways. An sophisticated line of sip supported IP cameras is accessible for the safety  integration with telephony. If you are a plug and play sort of a particular person, then UCM6102 IP PBX is an ultimate option for you. If you are a small bit techie, then configure different alternatives with the assist of user-friendly panel and appreciate its sophisticated functions. It effectively handles the communication wants of your tiny and medium enterprise organization. There is no want to be concerned about its efficiency since this IP PBX deal with  call effectively  even in the instances of the heavy volume of calls.

Grandstream PBX System

The communication system of your enterprise acts as the backbone of your business. If you are not getting a proper PBX system in your business, then your internal communication will be badly impacted. If you want to make sure that the incoming and outgoing calls in your enterprise are reaching the right particular person, then you have to make sure a higher-top quality communication channel for your business. Grandstream Dubai will certainly supply the phone system that your enterprise required and equipped with the sophisticated and up to date technical features.

It is really important that you choose a higher top quality and skilled Telecom business for setting up your PABX system in Dubai. We are certainly the pro in this matter. With our expertise and knowledge, we have served hundreds of consumers in UAE. Therefore, our efficiency assures our caliber and top quality. We are not restricted to Dubai, you will also discover our options in several main cities of U.A.E.

 Grandstream UCM6102 Downloads

pdf-datasheet  UCM6102 Datasheet