Grandstream GXW4008 Dubai UAE

The Grandstream GXW-4008 Analog FXS IP Gateway offers tiny enterprise and remote offices with a large enterprise high quality solution in inexpensive value. This system is simple to organize, thanks to its VoIP FXS analog gateway choice.  This GXW-4008 VoIP Gateway system has been planned cautiously to test for total interoperability with all the foremost IP PBX and SIP-primarily based devices.

The GXW-4008 VoIP Gateway Dubai technologies tends to make certain that the manageability is with a straightforward configuration, superb voice high quality and wealthy functionality. This series is primarily based on the open market requirements of the day, one thing that adds up to its low-cost benefit.

Overview of Grandstream GXW-4008

The Grandstream GXW-4008 is an eight FXS port gateway that lets the analog phones and fax machines along with other standard analog PBX system to connect with a VoIP system as nicely as the provider. This gateway features two 10/100 network ports that come with an integrated router to connect to the network and RJ11 line for the PSTN Failover. Not to mention, it also has the RS232 serial port that aids for much better administration.

This gateway supports two profiles per each and every SIP account with Caller ID for distinct regions and nations. Also, it also offers the assistance for T.38 fax, flexible dialing plans, safety protection and the extensive voice codecs.

This is a excellent solution for enterprise that wants to connect with a single or a lot more than a single line of standard PBX to VoIP system line. Every of these systems supports two profiles with T.38 fax along with G.711, G.723, and iLBC codecs.

Grandstream GXW-4008 UAE

What It Appears to Be

The Grandstream GXW-4008 features a compact and quiet style. It has no fans but but it offers the par voice high quality. The voice high quality is topped with the features like autoconfiguration, safety protection, remote management, and unmatched scalability. It features up to eight port FXS interface for analog telephones, dual 10m/100m network ports with integrated router, analog telephones lifeline for energy failure and RS232 serial port for administration.

Establishing VoIP network with Analog and IP gateway, this solution offers your enterprise the leverage to its general existence with analog gear with IP Network.  This device also features an RJ11 failover line just in case the provide fails more than the IP PBX.

This solution also features an integrated IVR automatic provisioning tools that aid to manage the telecommunication function just for you.


The Grandstream solution has established itself as a single of the most trusted IP Gateway in the industry thanks to its following features.

  • Quantity of FXS Ports: eight
  • Connection Sort: RJ-11
  • Quantity of Ethernet Ports: two
  • Supported Protocols: SIP
  • Voice Codec Supported:711 U/A. G.726 A/B, iLBC
  • Fax Help:38, G.711 Pass Thru
  • Provisioning Choices: Auto Provisioning, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet SSH, TFTP, Net GUI
  • Peripheral Port: RS-232
  • PSTN Fallback/ Failover: Yes
  • PSTN Signaling Help: FXS Loop Commence
  • SIP Accounts: two
  • 168 Echo Cancellation
  • Voice Activation Detection
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • Packet Loss Concealment
  • PSTN PBX Help for each Analog Phone sets and Analog Trunks
  • Net Primarily based Remote TFTP and HTTP configuration
  • 38 Fax Compliant