Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai UAE

Grandstream GXP1625- Communication to the subsequent level

Grandstream has often been supplying the clientele with higher-level telephone systems and phones that confirmed a higher-high quality audio communication expertise to the clients.

GXP1625- Little company owners, Get it

The Grandstream GXP1625 is a new model of Grandstream series that has the features especially match for tiny company owners. The telephone is straightforward and combined with all the crucial features that might be important for any tiny company. It is deemed to be a normal IP telephone for the tiny companies. This is since it can supply a smooth and flawless communication channel to all the workers and maintain them in make contact with. This will certainly be beneficial for the promotion of company. This model is equivalent to GXP1620 with some tiny exceptions.

Similarity and dissimilarity with GXP1620

GXP1625 is subsequent model in the series after GXP1620. GXP1625 has a lot of features in frequent with GXP1620 except for some features. Grandstream GXP1625 comes with a constructed- in POE function that is not supported by GXP1620. This is the primary distinction and dissimilarity in each of the phones. Whereas, the other features such as voice high quality, speakerphone, HD audio, three-way conferencing, LCD resolution and network ports and numerous other features are frequent in each handsets.


Dubai- the grand location for Grandstream GXP1625

Grandstream is identified in Dubai for its innovation, affordability and a superior level of features and high quality in its products, and exact same goes for Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai IP telephone. There has been a substantial development in the annual sale price of Grandstream phones in Dubai, and this is the outcome of the difficult perform that Grandstream has place in to bring forward communication options. It has all that requires to lead the industry of audio phones. Grandstream GXP 1625 Dubai telephone is very easily accessible to you in a lot of retailers and markets in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Dubai and numerous other locations of U.A.E.

Functions of Grandstream GXP1625

Grandstream GXP1625 has a lot of impressive features that can attract the client towards it and will certainly satisfy him correctly with the outstanding functions incorporated in the normal IP telephone. The model of this VOIP telephone is primarily based on the Linux operating system. With an capability to deal with two contact appearances at 1 time, GXP1625 offers a hassle-free communication channel to the clients. Furthermore, it also handles two SIP accounts at a time. With three XML programmable keys, it aids the user to use the telephone with a total flexibility and supply him a really friendly user interface. Although the three-way is conferencing function, you can make certain that your workers in your tiny enterprise do not shed connection with every other, and there comes no flaw in their voice communication channel. You do not have to be concerned about the audio high quality of this telephone. GXP 1625 is a telephone coming from Grandstream series which is identified to offer the very best and higher-high quality HD audio features to the clients. Right after all, this is the primary benefit that Grandstream has more than the other phones in the industry- an unparalleled voice communication high quality.

Features of Grandstream GXP1625 Dubai UAE

Features of Grandstream GXP1625

Grandstream phones are identified for their incredible features, and exact same goes for this model of Grandstream series. So, various features of GXP1625 are explained under

  • You can view the screen of the fundamental normal IP VOIP telephone clearly as it has a higher resolution (132 x 48 pixels) LCD screen.
  • It features dual switching network ports of 10 / 100 Mbps just like the earlier Grandstream model GXP1620.
  • Grandstream GXP1625 also features EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) supporting the headset from Plantronics.
  • The contact waiting function in this Grandstream model offers the customers with a friendly and dependable function wealthy telephone.
  • It comes with an incredible memory and storage capacity. Up to 200 contact records can be saved and the phonebook can shop up to a maximum of 500 make contact with specifics.
  • You can get an superb double- speak overall performance in this telephone with an audio channel free of charge from echo since of the hands- free of charge speaker telephone from duplex and an HD wideband audio of this telephone.
  • The function that separates it from the earlier Grandstream Model GXP1620 is the constructed-in POE function that is accessible in GXP 1625 but not in GXP 1620.
  • Further features are also supported in Grandstream GXP1625 like the help for numerous languages that make the telephone even much more hassle-free and user-friendly.

Specifications at a Glance

The various specifications of Grandstream GXP1625 are pointed out under:

  • Kind of Connection- VOIP / IP
  • Energy more than Ethernet supply- 802.3af Class compliant (three.84-six.49 W)
  • The supported protocol- SIP
  • RJ9 headset jack- an extra port of this telephone!
  • Complete duplex speakerphone
  • The various audio codecs supported by this exclusive VOIP IP telephone are G.723, G.721 u/a, G.726, G.722, G.729 A / B and iLBC,
  • The wideband HD high quality gives you the very best in class audio communication high quality that is unparalleled and unprecedented.

GXP-GXP1625 Item Evaluation

There is no doubt on high quality and user friendliness of Grandstream GXP1625 IP Telephone. Mainly, customers have supplied good feedback for Grandstream GXP1625 that give you a excellent thought about the high quality and reliability of the item.There are a lot of GXP1625 customers in various locations of U.A.E. The good feedback will certainly assist in creating a choice purchasing this telephone. All round as far as the features are concerned, the telephone appears to be a quite excellent package!.Grandstream Dubai is often committed to offer you higher-high quality IP Telephones.