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Grandstream has always provided the customers with state of the art telecom products, and Grandstream GVC3200 is just an addition to the superb video conferencing solutions. The Conference system is rich in features well improved for a perfect video conference fit for all the business sizes.

About Grandstream Dubai

Everyone knows about Grandstream Network, Inc. Grandstream excels in the varied range of telecommunication solutions and products and has earned an award for it too. With ISO 9001 certification, Grandstream has certified its consistency and high quality to all the customers. The brand is known for its advance, standard, and affordability. Currently authorizing in about 150 countries from all over the world, Grandstream looks to keep on increasing its quality and standard.

Grandstream Dubai is an official reseller of Grandstream products. We supply products and installation services in different areas of U.A.E like Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

Grandstream GVC3200- a splendid solution

Video conferencing was not ever easier than it has been with Grandstream GVC3200 Conference Phone. Grandstream has developed the total video conferencing industry. With the overview of improved flexibility and updated features, Grandstream has made GVC3200 compatible with some several videos conferencing protocols.  It is also compatible with the healthy IPVideoTalk Pro cloud platform that was introduced by Grandstream for plug and play video conferencing. The Grandstream GVC3200 android phone is also compliant with a lot many other 3rd party SIP platforms of video conferencing. Therefore, you can have a diversity of options and features through this video conferencing solution and would be able to increase or implement a 3rd party platform.


Features of Grandstream GVC 3200

The salient features of Grandstream GVC 3200 are mentioned below

Operating system

Grandstream GVC 3200 video conferencing system is based on Android 4.4 O.S. that gives it the access to all the Play Store apps like Google Hangouts, Skype etc. and it also has a native support for the SIP.

Camera Feature

Grandstream GVC 3200 comes with a high-quality remote controlled PTZ camera. Lens incorporate wide angle feature while it also gives you a 12 times optical zoom.

Advanced video support

Grandstream GVC 3200 features a full HD video having a resolution of 1080 pixels. You can have 9- way video conferences.

Up to date Hardware

Grandstream GVC 3200 is incorporated with a high quality and powerful hardware that is perfectly by the latest technology. It has a high-class MCU engine that doesn’t require any other external server or software licenses. With such hardware and specifications, Grandstream promises you the best video experience.

A friendly user interface

Grandstream GVC 3200 has a very friendly user interface, and it is very flexible to use. You can easily communicate with the 3rd party SIP platforms of video conferencing. As already mentioned, it can utilize the Android applications for video conferencing easily. Grandstream GVC 3200 incorporates IPVideoTalk video conferencing service to which you can easily connect to its plug and play connection. This makes the setup and installation of Grandstream GVC 3200 video conferencing system an easy and convenient one. To share your content with the other viewers, there are HDMI and VGA inputs to which you can easily connect your computer or laptop.

Simple Installation procedure

GVC 3200 is an open standard SIP video conferencing system that can be installed in a simple procedure comprising of 3 simple steps (The steps are mentioned below). Grandstream has ensured that the installation of GVC 3200 should be as simple as possible and for that purpose, they incorporated an integrated MCU in it too.

Setting up your Grandstream GVC 3200

Setting up your Grandstream GVC 3200 is very easy. You just need to perform three simple steps

  • Plug in your GVC 3200 video conferencing system
  • Connect GVC 3200 to a speaker or a mic
  • Connect it to a network

An external mic or speaker and all the rest of the required things for setup and installation are already supplied.

Grandstream GVC3200 Dubai

Compliance with Google Play apps for video conferencing

Grandstream GVC3200 is based on the Android 4.4 operating system. Thus, it offers you a full access to all the video conferencing applications of the play store by Google which means that you can enjoy different apps through this amazing video conferencing system such as Google Hangouts, Skype For Business, Skype and many more. Another amazing feature provided to you by the Grandstream GVC3200 video conferencing system is that you can have a 9-way conferencing including a local mixing between SIP and many other protocols. Grandstream assures you that with Grandstream GVC 3200 Dubai phone, you will never face any hurdle in video conferencing, needing no extra license of any software or any external server. Thus, you will experience the best in class video conference because Grandstream offers you a complete, user-friendly interface along with flexibility in operations and loads of features and applications.

All participants- On the same page!

With countless applications and features, you can easily expand or implement an SIP system, and thus all the participants shall remain on the same page. There is also a VGA input and HDMI input source in the Grandstream GVC 3200 video conferencing system through which you can connect your laptop to the system and can even share documents with anyone. This is not it! You can also avail yourself of the intelligent feature of scheduling and starting conference calls where the GVC 3200 video conferencing system will set a reminder for all the attendees 10 minutes before the start of the meeting and thus, all the participants will be called automatically. So, Grandstream GVC 3200 is the best choice for your business regardless of its size. Improve your communication channel and increase the productivity. Get it for your business!

Grandstream GVC3200 SIP/Android Video Conferencing Downloads

pdf-datasheet  GVC3200 Video Conferencing Datasheet

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